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Membership Categories


Full Membership

The Association considers for Full Membership

  • Full-Time Contractors, (including self employed individuals) who execute their work in a professional and business like manner.
  • The applicant’s business must have been trading on a full time basis for a minimum of two full years.
  • A minimum turnover of 50,000 per annum in Landscape related activity is required. A letter confirming this from your accountant should be included with your completed application form.

We represent all elements of the Industry, from small to large contractors. Members can offer a wide range of services or specialise in a more limited range.

The operations considered to come within the scope of the Association Full Members are:

  • Landscape Construction and Design, including grassing, planting, hard landscaping and ground maintenance
  • Private, Industrial and Institution Site Works
  • Private Garden, Design and Construction
  • Sports ground Construction and Maintenance
  • Chemical Weed Control
  • Forestry Planting and Tree Surgery
  • Interior Landscaping

All member companies are required to abide by statutory laws, regulations and Bye-laws, hold current and adequate insurances, and member companies must maintain and enforce a health and safety policy.


Trade Membership

This membership category is open to a business, section or division of a business (or an individual) that supplies materials, equipment or a service to the landscape industry and particularly to ALCI Members. Membership provides excellent opportunities to interact directly with your target market, including at regional and national events, through sponsorship of the annual ALCI Landscape Awards, through advertising opportunities on the  ALCI website and ALCI publications, and by using the ALCI logo.


  • Laird Grass Machinery Ltd
  • Cyril Johnston Hire Ltd
  • Green-tech
  • Landscape Supplies
  • SAiGE Longlife Decking Ltd